Aurora first responders train for active shooting scenario

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AURORA, Ill. — First responders in suburban Aurora underwent a training session Tuesday to prepare if there’s ever an active shooting scenario.

Police and fire officials from 15 departments trained inside a shuttered school in Aurora as part of the Rescue Task Force.

While most first responders say their job is a lot of routine day-to-day, when the moment comes to act, they need to be ready.

“Now we have integrated our firefighters and paramedics to be included in those teams. Move with them, work with them, know where to go and what to do to keep themselves safe,” Asst. Aurora Fire Chief Dan Osman, said.

Six months ago, training came into play during the mass shooting at Henry Pratt Company in Aurora that left five employees dead and five officers injured.

Tuesday’s training builds off the lessons learned during the Henry Pratt shooting and other shootings across the country.

When minutes matter to get victims out, this training helps get resources to them faster.

“So when there’s an incident like the Pratt shooting or a school incident. It doesn’t always have to be a shooter. That’s why we call it an assailant. That we can eliminate the threat and minimize the injuries and fatalities in situations like this,” Osman said.

This joint training is paid for by federal grant and builds partially off what was learned after the shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, where they believe some of the victims could have survived if they would’ve gotten medical attention faster.

The training gets paramedics into the scene faster, in armored vests and surrounded by police.


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