Attorneys give opening statements in trial for men accused of killing 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee

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CHICAGO — Opening statements took place Tuesday afternoon in the trial of two men accused of killing 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee. Dwright Boone-Doty and Corey Morgan are charged with killing the boy execution style in 2015, to send a message to his father, Pierre Stokes, a purported member of a rival gang. Doty and Corey Morgan, will be tried together but before separate juries. The third man accused in the attack, the alleged getaway driver Kevin Edwards, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in exchange for a 25-year prison sentence. Prosecutors said Edwards drove Doty and Morgan to Dawes Park on the city’s South Side on the afternoon of Nov. 2, 2015, and waited with Morgan in the SUV while Boone-Doty approached Tyshawn, struck up a conversation, dribbled his basketball, offered to buy him a juice box and then led him to the alley, where he shot him several times at close range. “When Morgan, Doty and Edwards fled that alley, they left some key things behind. They left behind DNA linked to Dwright Doty, DNAa linked to Dwright Doty was found on a basketball, a basketball that was lying next to Tyshawn’s body,” Margaret Hillman, assistant state’s attorney, said. Morgan’s attorney,  Tom Breen, said Morgan can’t be blamed for someone else’s actions. “The execution of that 9-year-old boy has to come from one singularly evil person. Not from a plan. His killer did so of his own volition and for his own reason. Not at the behest or help of Corey Morgan,” Breen said. In their opening statement, Doty’s attorney, Brett Gallagher, said while her client talked about being involved in the murder while in jail, it was only talk.  “Mr. Doty gave into that pressure and pretended to be bigger and badder to survive,” she said. Doty’s jury was selected on Friday and Morgan’s jury section took place Monday.


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