Man’s death investigated after he kills wife and children

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The warm glow of candles helps illuminate a growing memorial this chilly night in south suburban Robbins.

These teenagers and their parents are here to remember 17-year-old Steven Roe.   Justis Lesley, one of the victim’s friends, “Everybody coming together as one which is amazing we cared so much for the both of them.”

Jane Kendrick, another friend, says, “He had the best personality.”  As well as his 15-year- old sister Trisdion Worsham.   Kendrick says, “She was always smiling she was just bright.”

Police say sometime close to eleven p.m. Sunday night something happened and their father Michael Worsham shot and killed his son then pulled, his 42-year-old wife of 12 years Michele Ollie, out their bed and shot and killed her.

Ollie’s 14-year- old son then tried to wrestle the gun from his step-father.

Robbins police chief Mitchell Davis says, “His step father told him if he stopped trying to disarm him he would let him live.”

Ollie grabbed his five-year-old nephew and yelled to his sister Trisdion to run.

She only made it to front porch before her father shot her in the back then drug her body back inside.

Police then say Michael Worsham died of an apparent heart attack.

Robbins police chief went on to say, “I don’t know how to describe it other than horrific!  I’m a father I can’t imagine going to such a dark place you believe you need to take the lives of your entire family.”

One thing police aren’t sure of tonight is why a man described by family as a loving husband and father would snap in such a violent way.

The suspect’s cousin, Toni Gardner says, “I don’t know what happened what went wrong.”

Denice Gathings, Michele Ollie’s co-worker says, “She was a loving wife grandmother and was an excellent employee.”

But tonight outside the home no one is looking for answers, just comfort.


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