Compromised reached in Englewood controversial crosses memorial

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CHICAGO — Crosses honoring the victims of gun violence on Chicago’s South Side are causing controversy.

The 44 crosses were put on display by artist Greg Zanis at 55th and Bishop in Englewood as a memorial meant for the victims of Chicago’s gun violence

Early Tuesday, the local group ‘Army of Moms’ announced they planned to remove the crosses later in the day. They say the crosses give the community a bad image.  Some argue that the crosses grouped together creates the false and disturbing impression that there was a mass shooting in the area.

With news that Englewood’s crosses might go away, there was a steady flow of visitors to the empty lot of West Garfield Boulevard.
Loved ones of gunshot victims say they need the crosses.

Zanis, who for years has been installing these white crosses at murder scenes in Chicago and across the country, says he never meant to offend anyone and only wanted to help.

Zanis is the actual property owner of the lot.

Late Tuesday afternoon, a compromised was reached.  The crosses will not be torn down.  There is ongoing discussion as to finding a new location for the crosses.



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