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NAPERVILLE, Ill. — Police in west suburban Naperville are searching for two suspects believed to have busted into a home and held a woman at gunpoint as they robbed the place.

On Saturday night, Naperville police say two men waring ski masks and armed with guns broke into a home on the 2600 block of High Meadow Road. Nobody was injured, but police say the robbers got away with cash and electronics.

Police say the robbers ran toward a busy road before getting away. Officers from Plainfield and the Will County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene to help search for the robbers.

Otherwise in the neighborhood, you’ll find a little pocket of peace and quiet. Clearing the freshly fallen snow from his driveway, Tom Johnson says even in the most unlikely neighborhoods, crime happens.

“I’m sure everybody will say, ‘it’ll never happen here.’ Unfortunately, that seems to be something people say in every neighborhood you go to anymore,” Johnson said.

The home is around the corner from Egg-cited Pancake House, a popular breakfast spot.

“A lot of our customers are talking about it,” said Kristin McCombs, who works at the Pancake House. “Two masked men broke in to someone’s house, held them at gunpoint while they stole stuff from them.”

Investigators say they believe the house was targeted and it was not a random crime, while they have no evidence that any other neighbors could be in danger.

“I’d hate to think this is just a completely random thing because my house it just up the street, so it could have been just as random here,” Johnson said.

So far there are no arrests in this case.