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CHICAGO — In the 1960s, Senator Bernie Sanders, was a student activist at the University of Chicago.

Newspaper reports from 1963 reveal that Sanders was arrested at a civil rights protest.

And now, a documentary film company thinks it may have found video of the Sanders’s arrest.

Democratic presidential rivals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been battling to win African Americans.

Supporters of Clinton have accused Sanders of being “absent” on issues important to black Americans.

But archival video from 1963 appears to show Sanders was on the front lines of the civil rights movement.

This person – who appears to be Sanders – is arrested.

The video was first posted online at

“It was definitely Bernie…though there’s a lot of talk about ‘Is this Bernie or is this not Bernie?’”said Jerry Temaner, who shot the video 53 years ago.

Then, he was a young filmmaker recording students protesting racism in schools and housing on Chicago’s South Side. Temaner says when looks at the footage today, he’s sure it’s Sanders.

The old footage was unearthed by the Kartemquin Films, a documentary company here in Chicago.

Gordon Quinn and Rachel Dixon are working on a film about the 1963 Chicago Public School Boycott. Chicago schools were putting black students in trailers so they wouldn’t have to integrate white schools.

It appears that Bernie Sanders, a young student activist took up the cause.

“I had these photos of Bernie to reference from ‘63 I looked. I was looking through and I kind of paused because it’s not really good quality and I said “well the facial shape and the angle kind of look like him. I didn’t know. I was kind of hesitant to go “hey this is Bernie Sanders,” said Producer Rachel Dixon.

Luckily, Kartemquin Films had another way to try to confirm the video showed Sanders. Gordon Quinn attending the University of Chicago and was a classmate of Sanders. This is his yearbook. That’s the future Senate from Vermont.

That photo certainly looks like the guy in the video being arrested. But Bernie Sanders has not yet confirmed that it’s him in the video. The documentary about the school boycott is due out early next year.

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