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CHICAGO — Members of an anti-violence group are making their presence known as they camp out overnight in some of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods.

Their campaign to end gun violence starts in the Back of the Yards neighborhood Friday night.

Youth leaders trained by Chicago’s Resurrection Project want to send a clear message to people living in the city’s most crime ravaged neighborhoods. The message, organizers say, is that it is possible to find your way out to live without resorting to violence.

The youth leaders described the plan behind the Increase the Peace Violence Prevention Program. They want to take over the neighborhoods, even if just for a single night, and fill the air with music and joy and target the area for improvement.

The first of the half dozen campouts takes place Friday night at 5 p.m. until 5 a.m. on Saturday.

The campouts are scheduled as followed:
  • July 7: Back of the Yards
  • July 14: Little Village
  • July 21: Location TBD
  • July 28: Pilsen
  • August 8: Englewood, as part of a “Black and Brown Solidarity” event
  • August 12: Back of the Yards

For more information and a more detailed list of the camp outs, visit Resurrection Project.