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CHICAGO — DePaul has launched an investigation to determine who is responsible for an anti-semitic flyer that was printed on several printers on campus.

The university quickly condemned the action and says someone hacked into printers across campus and simultaneously printed a flyer with a white supremacist, anti-Semitic message.

Officials believe the source of the hack was not a university account.

DePaul says it does not know the extent of the hacking.

Like many institutions DePaul has remote printing. That feature has been turned off while IT specialists investgate what happened.

On-campus printing will not be affected.

In a statement, University President Dennis Holtschneider said:

We are currently investigating the breach as well as the source and origin of this despicable act, which certainly is not reflective of DePaul’s values nor of our campus culture where all are welcome.

The university is asking people at DePaul to destroy the flyer if they see it.