This app lets you delete text messages after you’ve already sent them

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Thanks to a new app, nothing you say is permanent… at least in writing.

The Ansa app allows you to delete text messages from both sender and recipient phones, when you’re “off-the-record.”

Selecting the “off-the-record” option ensures that messages are deleted 60 seconds after reading. The self-destruction feature for pictures and videos, works in the same way as on Snapchat.

After going off-record, the recipient is notified and further messages and responses will be deleted. Going back on the record also notifies the recipient and stores all messages.

The app even lets you delete text messages that were already sent.

If you think you sent something you shouldn’t have you can still delete it, hours, days or even months later. It deletes on both phones and also from the Ansa server. On-the-record chats are stored on Ansa’s server. You can log on from a different phone and access old conversations.

Ansa was created by 23-year-old Natalie Bryla of San Fransisco. She designed the app so users can communicate through texts, the same way they do in person. There is no record of what you say and the user has more control over the

The app is available on both Android and iPhone.


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