Another police-involved shooting under the microscope

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CHICAGO – As calls increase for the release of the police video concerning the death of Cedrick Chatman, we are learning more today about another police-involved shooting concerning a man named Esau Castallanos.

Castallanos was shot and killed by Chicago police in March of 2013. Two police officers fired a combination of 19 bullets. Three struck him.

Questions about his death remain as the city is under scrutiny for police-involved shootings and how investigations concerning them are under an intense microscope.

Attorney Daniel O’Connor represents the Castallanos family in a civil suit against the city and the officers involved. He says almost immediately after his shooting death the officers account of what happened began to fall apart.

After following Castallanos car on the Northwest Side, it crashed. The officers say as they approached the vehicle, he opened fire forcing both of them to dive to the ground.

But no gun was ever found, and one officer who told detectives he had been shot was never shot.

O’Connor says two years later the officers changed their story to say another man was in the car with Castallanos. That man has never been found.

As the FBI, US Attorney, Cook County State’s Attorney and the Independent Police Review Authority continue to investigate, O’Connor wonders what’s taking so long to finish the investigations.

The city is legally representing the two officers who were on active duty until last week.

The officers have been placed on 30 days leave under the department’s new rules.

Castallanos was a pizza delivery man but he was not working at the time.

Records show he was legally drunk.

The two officers involved were in tactical squad car essentially an undercover unit, those are not equipped with dashcams.

A second patrol car that arrived on the scene had a dash cam that was not working.

Civil suit is set to go to trial in October. Attorneys for the city are not commenting on the case.


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