Another Chicago-area high school reprinting yearbooks over hate symbol concerns

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CHICAGO — Another local high school is reprinting its 2018-2019 yearbook due to photos of students making a hand gesture associated with white nationalism.

Walter Payton College Prep is paying more than $22,000 for the reprint to remove pictures of people flashing an upside-down “OK” hand gesture, which has been known as the “circle game.” But it has now been appropriated in recent years by white supremacists.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Principal Tim Devine wrote in a letter to students and parents, saying, “Our school resources and official publication will not be the home to symbology that is now being associated with white supremacy. It is repugnant and odious and has no place at all in our Payton, American, and world communities.”

Devine also stressed in the letter that he did not believe those students who were pictured using the gesture  intended to convey a racist message.

Just last week, Oak Park River Forest High School also reported they would reprint its yearbook due to students displaying the same hand gesture.


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