CHICAGO — Activists are ramping up their calls for Illinois to shut down its operation of red light cameras in the wake of widespread corruption. 

Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras is urging Gov. JB Pritzker and Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul to take action. 

The group’s plea comes after Monday’s guilty plea from former Oakbrook Terrace Mayor Tony Ragucci. 

The former politician is the latest Illinois official indicted in a bribery scheme tied to the SafeSpeed Camera company. 

“It is just unfathomable to me that you have this much corruption happening, and you do not have a word coming from the governor, the highest official in the state, or certainly coming from the Attorney General, who is responsible for investigating this type of corruption,” said Mark Wallace, founder and executive director of the organization. “SafeSpeed LLC is a company that has more than 45 different contracts of red-light cameras in the suburban areas surrounding Chicago. The company takes in millions and millions of dollars, and Nikki Zollar, the CEO of SafeSpeed LLC, claims she does not know anything about these kickback schemes.”

Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras plans to hold a rally Tuesday night.