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QUINCY, Ill. – An investigation is underway in Quincy after police say a 19-year-old woman suffered injuries during an alleged altercation with an area bar owner.

Attorney Keenan J. Saulter of Saulter Law P.C. says Jazzpher Evans, a freshman at Quincy University, was the victim of a hate crime. Saulter said Evans was attacked by Steve Williams Homan, the owner of “The Barn” Easter weekend. Saulter says Homan pushed Evans against the wall and slammed her to the ground after she requested a change in music.

Homan then allegedly put Evans in a chokehold, rendering her unconscious. She was then dragged out of the establishment and “slammed” onto the ground, Saulter adds.

While Quincy police acknowledge that an investigation is underway, they did not say the attack was racially motivated.

“The Quincy Police Department is working closely with the Adam’s County State’s Attorney’s Office in what is a complex investigation,” Quincy Chief of Police Robert Copley said. “Officers are watching videos and interviewing multiple witnesses. While we understand the demand for quick justice, it is important that the investigation is thorough and proper.”

Evan’s attorney says she suffered a “traumatic brain injury” and is still recovering.

Her family and attorney plan to held a press conference Thursday to address the attack.

“One moment I thought I was enjoying my night. The next moment I was outside with scrapes all over my face and blood out of my mouth,” Evans said.

Saulter said Thursday that Evans was a “blameless, innocent victim,” adding that the bar owner responsible has had previous encounters.

“We’ve seen videos of people, dozens of them thrown out of the bar – women,” he said. “I’m concerned the Quincy Police Department is not impartial.”

Evans, who was on a full scholarship to play basketball at Quincy University will not return to the school.

“I want to put an end to all of this,” she said. “So no one else suffers at the hands of this person.”