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CHICAGO — Chicago’s strip clubs will be allowed to show nudity and serve alcohol — if Alderman Ed Burke has his way.

The 14th Ward alderman is pushing a proposal to loosen the restrictions on so-called gentlemen’s clubs so they can serve liquor and have topless dancers.

Strip club owners would have to meet strict requirements and get the proper licensing and zoning approval.

The Chicago Tribune reports under the potential plan, owners seeking to open a club that offers partial nudity would have to obtain a “cabaret” license. Cabarets must be 1,000 feet from homes, schools and houses of worship, the Tribune notes.

The new measure would mean dancers would no longer be required to cover their breasts. Clubs would still be banned from showing full nudity.

Burke says a world-class city like Chicago should have “realistic” kinds of adult entertainment venues.

Mayor Emanuel hasn’t commented on the proposal.