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Newsstand workers from Midway Airport say they should be paid the same wages as workers at O’Hare and they’re getting some support from Chicago’s City Hall.

A dozen airport workers from Midway spent their day off at city hall to draw attention to what they say is unfair treatment by a major employer at Chicago’s two big airports.

21st Ward Alderman Howard Brookins is behind a resolution calling for a hearing to demand explanations from Hudson News.

According to union officials, newsstand workers at O’Hare earn $1.13 an hour more on average, than workers with the exact same job at Midway.  Workers at O’Hare also get a pension, but those at Midway do not.

Workers claim the company provides no clear answers for the pay disparity which they say also overlooks experience and seniority.  “The work is the same, it’s the same city,” says Brookins. “Everything else is the same, so it makes no difference why these two groups of workers – one gets paid vastly more than the other group of workers.”

WGN contacted Hudson News for a reponse, but our calls have not yet been returned.