LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – An airline passenger is facing a federal charge after the FBI said he assaulted a flight attendant and demanded she kiss him on a trip to Las Vegas.

William Morgan was on a Southwest Airlines flight from Palm Springs, California, to Las Vegas on Oct. 3, 2022, when the alleged incident occurred, an FBI agent stated in court documents.

Morgan, who was one of about 100 passengers on the flight, got up from his seat about 20 minutes before landing and “demanded [the flight attendant] kiss him,” documents said. He is also accused of assaulting a flight attendant, grabbing her by the shoulders and attempting to push her into a bathroom.

“[The flight attendant] got up from her jump seat, at which point Morgan put his arms on her shoulders and demanded a kiss again before stating that he was going to have a panic attack if [the flight attendant] did not go into the bathroom with him,” documents said.

Morgan also grabbed a second flight attendant who came to the first woman’s aid, documents said.

“Morgan also said that he needed [the first flight attendant] to kiss him to calm down,” documents said. “Morgan then grabbed [the first flight attendant’s] face and squeezed hard while trying to kiss her. [The second flight attendant] has stated that she was scared for her life and that she was concerned for other passengers.”

Morgan’s traveling party restrained him until the flight landed, per court documents.

It is not publicly known whether Morgan, whose booking photo was unavailable, was a Las Vegas resident or visiting from elsewhere. His place of residence nor his age were listed in court documents.

He faces one count of simple assault, the FBI said.

Prosecutors filed the case on Friday. No arraignment date nor plea had been entered as of Monday.