After perhaps his best game as Bear, Mitchell Trubisky gets an NFL honor


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – NOVEMBER 11: Mitchell Trubisky #10 of the Chicago Bears passes the ball against the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field on November 11, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

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LAKE FOREST – The question was asked from the minute that he was drafted, continued through his rookie year, and into his second season under a new head coach.

It will likely continue for the rest of this season and into the next. When you’re a franchise that has struggled to find a true standout at the quarterback position, it’s only natural.

But with each week, Mitchell Trubisky is starting to answer the question if he is really the team’s quarterback for now and the future in the affirmative. Interceptions are down, touchdowns are up, and the increase in the number of big plays are turning a few more doubters into believers with each week.

This Sunday, his career-high 355 yards passing on 23-of-30 throws with three touchdowns against the Lions is considered the best performance of his still very young career. On Wednesday, the NFL recognized that too, giving Trubisky his first honor from the league: NFC Player of the Week.

It’s far from a major award, but it certainly shows that the positives of Trubisky’s performances are starting to catch the eye of those outside of Chicago. Sure, the criticism exists from those who aren’t buying into the quarterback, but as the Bears offense continues to put up points, those voices are reducing by the week.

“I don’t think he even knows what the noise is. He might have an idea, but he’s — I told you guys this the other day and I have one-on-one talks with him and we really don’t care about anything but worried about what we feel, what we care about and that’s all that matters. So everybody’s entitled to their opinion, but he’s playing his tail off right now and I love where he’s at and he’s playing really well.”

Trubisky’s statistics show that, with the quarterback throwing for 2,304 yards in nine games with 19 touchdowns compared to seven interceptions and a 101.6 quarterback rating. The addition of Nagy’s more explosive offense along with a host of playmakers have helped the production, but Trubisky’s own growth has contributed to his improved play.

Four times this season, Trubisky has thrown for over 300 yards, and in four contests he’s not thrown and interception.

Yet most telling stat comes in the points for the offense – 269 – which ranks sixth in the NFL. Last season in 16 games the Bears only scores 264, and is a big reason why the team is sitting at the top of the NFC North in mid-November.

it’s just a bunch of reps, getting to know each other over the however so months and weeks and just putting in the time and the work and everyone believing in the plan and just everyone just going out there doing the job and playing the game like we know how,” said Trubisky of his continued progress in the offense. “We were just out there having fun today. We just, everyone was doing their job and we just went out there and played and the plays made themselves, because we were just going out there and not thinking, just translated the work we put in practice on game day.”

Certainly, the quarterback is doing that the way many would have hoped.


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