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CHICAGO — A mother from Chicago has been waiting nearly 40 years for answers about her son.

Michael Marino is listed as one of the 33 victims of John Wayne Gacy, but his mother, Sherry Marino, always had her doubts.

She had his body exhumed for DNA tests.

The DNA test came back and showed the body is not that of her son Michael, which means there may be another unidentified Gacy victim.

Michael was 14 when he disappeared in October of 1976.

His mom always doubted he was in Gacy’s crawlspace, or buried underneath the tombstone bearing her son’s name.

However there was a possibility that Marino’s body had been switched with another Gacy victim, Kenneth Parker, who was a friend of Michael’s.

Attorney Steve Becker wants the Cook County Sheriff’s Department to respond. They will enter Michael’s name in a missing person’s database, and will contact Sheriff Dart to let him know that after 40 years,  there may be another unidentified victim of John Wayne Gacy.