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MARKHAM, Ill. — Community activist Andrew Holmes says Ana Marie Townsend should be opening presents Christmas morning like most kids.

In July 2017, crews responding to a house fire at 155th and Hamlin in Markham found her body in a plastic bag on the second floor of her burning house.

Investigators said she was about 1 year old when she died.

They also found a gun inside the house.

“There hasn’t been a missing report filed since this baby’s death. Where’s the mother? Where’s the father? Nobody has come forward to say ‘my child is missing,'” Holmes said.

More than four years have passed, and there are still no answers, no arrests and no one charged in her death.

Holmes says he hopes someone who sees this knows something and will come forward to police with information about what happened to Townsend.

Anyone with information can leave a tip at 708-331-2171.