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BROOKFIELD, Ill. – The Brookfield Zoo says it has enjoyed its first animal birth of 2016.

Zoo officials say a gray seal pup was born January 2. The animal will remain behind the scenes for several weeks so it may bond with its 11-year-old mother, Lily.

The Brookfield Zoo says gray seals are born with long, white fur called lanugo. But the fur may be molten by the time zoo-goers can see it. Generally the white fur molts within 2-4 weeks and is replaced with shorter, stiffer hair more similar to that seen on adult gray seals.

Nevertheless the zoo shared some adorable photos of its newest animal, courtesy of Chicago Zoological Society photographer Jim Schultz.

The Brookfield Zoo has also set up a website for fans to check in on the pup:

The pup weighed just over 30 pounds at birth, the zoo said. The staff expects she will triple or quadruple her weight over the next month.

Check out the adorable pictures in the gallery above.