Judge resentences Adolfo Davis to natural life in prison

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CHICAGO –On Monday a Cook County judge resentenced Adolfo Davis to natural life in prison.

Davis was convicted of life without the possibility of parole when he was 14-years-old. Today was resentenced and got handed another life sentence.

Judge Angela Petrone discredited all of the defense’s witnesses and handed down the harshest possible sentence.

Tomorrow morning Davis will be on his way back to Statesville where he’s been for decades.

Davis’ relatives and supporters were in disbelief.

“I’ve been dealing with this stuff all my life, so I’m strong,” Davis told WGN News after the sentencing. “But the people I love and my supporters – to see how they reacted – that’s what hurt me the most.”

But Judge Petrone believed the  prosecution’s case that Davis was a  shooter in this double murder and deserved the life sentence he originally got.

“I was hopeful, but at the same time there was just something about her,” Davis said. “I felt she already made her decision a long time ago.”

The state’s attorney’s office released a statement saying it’s pleased that the court reinstated the original sentence.

Davis’ case is the first in the state of people sentenced to mandatory life as teenagers.

Davis’ lawyers have 30 days to file a notice of appeal. They told me they had multiple grounds for appeal and they’re sorting thru that right now.

“I believe in my heart my time will come soon,” Davis said.

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