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CHICAGO — The college admissions scandal that rocked several prestigious colleges and universities has a connection to Chicago.

Public documents reveal William Singer, the disgraced CEO of a college admissions prep company, has a son who attended DePaul University and graduated in 2017.

IRS documents show William Singer donated at least $150,000 to DePaul while his son was a student at the Lincoln Park campus.

Through Singer’s charity, described by federal prosecutors as a money laundering front,  three $50,000 payments were made to DePaul.

In a written statement, DePaul University spokespeople confirmed the gifts.

“Not unlike many parents, Mr. Singer made several contributions to DePaul. These gifts were made by the Key Worldwide Foundation in 2014, 2015 and 2016 while his son was a student,” wrote the spokesperson.

DePaul also says  the gifts were in support of helping students study abroad.

DePaul isn’t the only local school connected to the scandal, there’s also a Northwestern University tie.

Federal documents show Manuel and Elizabeth Henríquez of California were charged in the cheating scandal. The Henríquez’s daughter is now reportedly a freshman at Northwestern.

Prosecutors allege the couple flew their daughter to Houston to take an ACT test, and allegedly paid Singer and other individuals $50,000.

The university as a policy says it does not comment on current students.

But in a written statement, director of media relations John Yates says, “If it is discovered that a student submitted false information in his or her application, it can result in a revocation of admission or, if enrolled, the student can be expelled.”