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DOLTON, Ill. — Authorities in Illinois and Indiana announced Wednesday additional fetal remains were found on property belonging to a late abortion doctor. Will County authorities said the additional remains were found in a vehicle owned by Dr. Ulrich Klopfer that he stored on a lot in Dolton, Illinois. “The Will County Sheriff’s Office was made aware that numerous vehicles and possibly other property owned by Dr. Klopfer were stored in an outdoor gated lot of a business located in Dolton, Illinois,” the statement said. The sheriff’s office said they searched the eight vehicles and in a late ’90s Mercedes Benz found five plastic bags and one box that contained numerous medically preserved fetal remains. Klopfer lived in Will County, Illinois and performed at his Fort Wayne, South Bend and Gary clinics. He passed away last month. Relatives cleaning out Klopfer’s garage after his Sept. 3 death found more than 2,200 preserved fetal remains. Will County officials said that the fetal material was from abortions performed in 2000, 2001 and 2002 in Indiana. Those remains were transferred to the St. Joseph County coroner’s office. The Will County Sheriff said the remains found in the car in Dolton “were preserved, packaged, and marked similarly to the previous fetal remains discovered at the Klopfer residence.” Will County authorities originally said fewer than 100 fetal remains were found at the location. On Thursday, they said 165 fetal remains were found. The property’s owner Greg Cooper said he saw Klopfer once a year when he came to pay the rent, which he did right before he died. Cooper said he thought nothing of it until he saw news coverage of the discovery of thousands of fetal remains on the Klopfer family property in unincorporated Crete. Cooper called the Will County Sheriff. “When I saw it on the news, I’m like, ‘If this guy’s that nuts, would he do something like that?’ And evidently, he did.” Cooper said investigators were on his lot for several hours. “They went through all the cars,” he said. Just like last month, Wednesday’s search happened with the complete cooperation of the Klopfer’s family. “It’s a shock for everyone. To the family’s credit, they’ve been very up-front and cooperative providing consents to search,” Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill said. “And from our standpoint, they’ve been cooperative with Indiana as well.” Hill also announced that his office has set up a phone number and email address for the specific use of anyone with possible connections to the fetal remains who may wish to inquire. The email address is, and the phone number is (317) 234-6663.