Activists suspect 51 unsolved Chicago murders are work of serial killer

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CHICAGO — Community activists went to Chicago’s FBI office Friday to ask for help with 51 unsolved murders dating back to 2001, most of them involving black women.

Chicago police said there’s no indication the 51 murders are connected. Many community members believe a serial killer is responsible.

“The issue at hand is we don’t see these murders in Lincoln Park. We don’t see this on the Magnificent Mile,” the Rev. Gregg Greer said.

One of the women was Reo Holyfield, a 34-year-old black woman found dead in a garbage truck in September. Another was Nicole Ridge, a 47-year-old white woman found dead in an abandoned building in June.

A national organization called the Murder Accountability Project has done an extensive analysis and also believes the cases are connected. The group suggested the FBI should get involved and that the state’s DNA backlog is delaying progress in solving the murders.

Two state senators held a hearing on the DNA backlog in March. Police said the backlog is causing many crimes to go unsolved — but that the DNA authorities do have does not connect any of the cases.

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