Chicago Supt. McCarthy responds to ACLU report of city’s high stop-and-frisk rate

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CHICAGO — The ACLU of Illinois accuses Chicago police officers of racial profiling and an excessive use of its “stop and frisk” policy.

WGN’s Patrick Elwood spoke to Kelvin Anderson who says he is turning his life around after a 2013 arrest and prison sentence.

This year alone, he says, he has been stopped and frisked 4 times for no apparent reason.

His story, according to American Civil Liberties Union Chicago attorneys, is part of a bigger pattern of police abuse.

Officers reportedly made more than 250,000 stops that did not lead to an arrest last summer. That’s four times more than stops done in New York.

The ACLU says police data shows African Americans were stopped 72 percent of the time while Caucasians  were stopped nine percent of the time. 

Karen Sheley, ACLU Senior Staff Counsel, said a critical first step is to get better data.

Superintendent Garry McCarthy said the ACLU should have presented him with their concerns before taking them to the media.

McCarthy said “we work for the citizens who tell us .. this is the person who robbed me, this is the description of the shooter,” he said. “That’s what we have to respond to,” he added.

McCarthy said the department prohibits racial profiling.

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