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Chicago — In the upcoming days President Trump is expected to scrap his executive order banning immigrants from seven Muslim majority countries in order to replace it with a new one he hopes will overcome conflict with the courts.

Syria is one of the country’s currently on Trump’s travel ban. Many supporters of the travel ban feel that terrorists could pose as refugees in order to enter the United States, but this fear is impacting Syrian refugees who pose no threat and are simply seeking a life outside the civil war that has torn apart their home.

Rohi Atassi is a Syrian who yearned for America. After finishing dental school in Syria in 2011, equipped with a green card, he took the first flight to the United States after his graduation.

Since coming to the U.S. Atassi has received a dental certification and has been seeing patients in the north side.

Today he is an American citizen, taking the oath of citizenship earlier this month.

WGN’s Patrick Elwood brings you Atassi’s story.