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Chicago police and the feds are teaming up as never before to crackdown on illegal guns.

Law enforcement just opened the Crime Gun Intelligence Center in the West Loop.

“This is cool stuff. At core, the Crime Gun Intelligence Center is a smart and sophisticated way of using cutting-edge science and technology to solve more violent crime and to solve them more quickly,” said U.S. Attorney Zach Fardon.

Law enforcement leaders from the Department of Justice, the FBI, the ATF, Chicago police and other regional agencies gathered  for a show and tell Thursday of what they believe can be a key tool to reducing gun violence and arresting people who use and sell illegal guns — a group they call “three percenters”

“It remains constant from year to year that about 40 percent of the crime guns recovered in the City of Chicago come from Illinois, and about 20 percent come from Indiana. The core mission of the Crime Gun Center is to identify these shooters, or these ‘three percenters,’ and the traffickers that sell them guns and get them off our streets,” said Carl Vasilko, ATF Special Agent in Charge.

Officials say sharing of information at the ATF headquarters in the West Loop and the use of a ballistic tracing program called NIBIN, gives them a greater chance to get illegal guns and criminals that use them off the streets.

“it gives us the ability to look at a geographical area so we can geolocate these recoveries on maps and help us target certain areas that we need to focus on to solve pending cases,” said John J. Durastanti, ATF Asst. Special Agent in Charge.

While officials do not have any concrete goals for success of the Crime Gun Intelligence Center, they believe the collaboration will lead to a long term reduction in violence.