A look back at some of the best Super Bowl halftime shows


Some Americans couldn’t care less who actually wins the Super Bowl every year. They enjoy all the fanfare surrounding the big game, including the spectacle that is the halftime show.

The trend of mega stars performing during the Super Bowl didn’t really start until 1991.

Before the big game kicks off, let’s take a look back at nine of the best Super Bowl halftime performances ever.


The best Super Bowl halftime performance of all-time was Prince’s during the Bears-Colts Super Bowl in 2007. Despite the 29-17 loss, it provided one of the best Super Bowl moments ever when Devin Hester took the opening kickoff to the house.

My favorite part about this performance is producers said they called Prince prior to the show to discuss the terrible forecast. He replied, “can you make it rain harder?”

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Moving to another legend who died too soon, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers absolutely rocked Super Bowl XLII, the year after Prince.

Watch them open up with the band’s first big hit, “American Girl.”

The Rolling Stones

You cannot forget the ‘Stones!

I vividly remember watching this and I could not believe Mick is the same age as my grandfather.

The best part is, 12 years later, the band is still active and Jagger still has the same fiery energy.

The Who

British legends The Who shredded Super Bowl XLIV in 2010. They ripped through a tight set, complete with Pete Townshend’s iconic guitar arm swirl, in about 12 minutes.

Watch them open up with classic, “Pinball Wizard” below.


In 2012, in the midst of pop stars like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, Madonna showed up to remind everyone she’s the queen of pop.

Sting and No Doubt

Sting and No Doubt was a fresh idea for the Super Bowl, and they completely crushed it. Sting performed the Police’s big hit “Message in a Bottle,” with the help of Gwen and company.

Shania Twain also performed too.

Katy Perry

Sometimes, like in Timberlake’s and Janet Jackson’s case, the Super Bowl halftime show can transcend pop culture for a very long time.

That was the case when Katy Perry performed in 2015. Everyone knows who Left Shark is after that performance.


After 9/11, the NFL brought in U2 to perform the halftime show in 2002 and they did not disappoint.

Complete with an amazing background display the victims, Bono stole the show at the end by displaying an American flag stitched inside his jacket.

Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake 

The most infamous Super Bowl halftime show ever, Justin Timberlake joined Janet Jackson for the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show… and the rest was history.

No video post because you know what happened at the end.


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