‘Gone with the Wind’ book returned to library 65 years late

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We’re all guilty of returning a library book late, but this book was way overdue.

A copy of “Gone With The Wind” was returned to a Washington school library 65-years late.

The book was checked out in the city of Spokane in 1949 before disappearing.

The school wasn’t even aware it was missing until a man from Maine contacted them about it saying he found it in his father’s cellar, with the original receipt tucked behind the cover.

He offered to return it as long as he didn’t have to pay the late fee, which at 2 cents a day added up to $475.

The school happily waived the fee, explaining they were just glad to have the book back.

The slip from the book reveals it was checked out by a Betty Mandershied, a previous student.

How the book, which is estimated to be worth about $350, traveled all the way to the East Coast remains a mystery.

The school says it  won’t be going back on the shelf.

Instead, it’s being put up on display to inspire other students to return their books.






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