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CHICAGO — The famed Publisher’s Clearing House “Prize Patrol” is in Chicago today with some great news for a 93-year-old Hyde Park resident.

The patrol showed up at the door of Ora Gayton with flowers, balloons and the trademark over-sized check good for $5,000 a week for life.

The stunned Gayton called it a dream come true.

Given her advanced age, she was really happy to learn she will be able to designate a beneficiary who will get the checks for the rest of their life as well.

The 5,000 a week adds up to 260,000 a year.

For decades, Publisher’s Clearing House has used the sweepstakes to help sell magazine subscriptions.

Gayton says she’s not sure what she’ll do with all the money, but she assures us she’ll put it to good use.

Since 1967 Publisher’s Clearing House has awarded a total of $315 million in prizes to millions of people.