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DES MOINES, Iowa — An 8-year-old girl in Iowa has started up a lemonade stand to help her pay the bills as she fights leukemia.

Zaraya and her grandmother came up with their own special hot pink concoction during one of her hospital stays.

“All those days in Blank Children’s Hospital, she got bored and we got creative,” grandmother Nikki Collin told WCCI.

It’s a combination of lemonade and cranberry juice, and she’s been selling it for $2 a cup.

The lemonade stand is helping her keep her spirits up, too, as she goes in for treatment.

“I’m just trying to stay positive for her and motivated for her, because it’s hard for me just as well as it’s hard for her, she has been through a lot,” Zaraya’s mother Desiree Blunt told WCCI. “I am very proud of her, who wouldn’t be proud of her? She’s a fighter.”