8-year-old saves sister having seizure while driving

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SHERWOOD, Ark. — An 8-year-old girl is being called a hero for saving her sister and niece after her sister had a seizure while driving.

Wednesday night, a Sherwood 911 operator took a call from a frantic 8-year-old girl, crying and begging for help. Jayda Bell was in the car with her big sister and niece on highway 105 when her sister, Kindalynn Williams, had a seizure in the driver’s seat.

“I was terrified. I was confused. I didn’t know what was happening,” Jayda Bell said.

While she was scared, Jayda managed to bring the car to a stop by pushing her sister’s foot down on the brake pedal. She then apparently put the car in neutral, and got her two-year-old niece from the backseat, and when the car kept rolling, she pushed back to stop it.

“I used my back to push it back… and my back still hurts from that,” Jayda said.

Then Jayda got on the phone with 911.

“I’m really impressed with how smart and calm she stayed,” said 911 operator Cody Harvey.

Jayda’s big sister now calls her little sister a hero.

“She’s a special one. We’ve known it from the get go, we just didn’t know why,” Kindalynn Williams said.

And she shows that heroes come in all ages and sizes.

“I called a buddy of mine and said ‘Hey, I met a hero, she’s eight,'” said Sherwood Police officer Scott Glidewell.


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