78-year-old Northwest Side homeowner shoots would-be robber

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CHICAGO — A 78-year-old Northwest Side homeowner shot a would-be robber when he tried to break into his home.

The homeowner, Daniel, who did not want to use his full name, said a man came to his home in the 2600 block of North Merrimack Avenue on Monday and said he wanted to fix the cement on the man’s walkway. He said the man told him he had to go inside the home to get water to mix with the cement. He said the man didn’t have any construction equipment with him and said he never hired anyone to fix the walkway.

“He used that for a ploy to try and get inside,” Daniel said.

When Daniel shut the door, he thought it was over, but about three hours later, he heard someone trying to open his door.

The same person who wanted to fix his walkway came back with a chisel and crow bar with him. He was also with another man and a getaway driver who was waiting in a red Dodge caravan down the street.

“So I opened the door, he pulled the chisel out, ready to break the glass to get me with a chisel,” he said.

Daniel said he then pulled out his gun and fired a shot, striking one of the men in the shoulder. Daniel has a FOID car, and is also a gun collector and target shooter.

Manuel Reynoso was at his home next door to Daniel when the shooting happened. When police arrived, he realized it was a gunshot he had heard and ran outside.

He said this wasn’t the first time Daniel had an encounter with a burglar.

“Last time they did beat him up, robbed him and took some of his possessions,” Renoso said.

The incident happened about three years ago. Daniel said he recovered from that and will recover from Monday’s incident.

“It’s going to take me a few days to get over this,” Daniel said. “It’s not a good habit of shooting people.”

Charges were not filed against the homeowner.

No one was taken into custody. Police did not have a detailed description of any of the suspects. Detectives will be checking hospitals nearby to see if anyone has come in with a gunshot wound.


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