71-year-old man shot watering lawn to be released from hospital soon

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CHICAGO — 71-year-old Fred LaGuardia could soon be released from the hospital after being shot while he was watering his lawn in front of his Marquette Park home.

While he’s been in the hospital, a reward has grown to $10,000 for information leading to an arrest of the suspects.

LaGuardia’s brutal attack on Sept. 6th was recorded on a surveillance video. It shows him watering his lawn, when two men on bikes rode by.  They return and one of the suspects tries to rob him.  During a struggle shots were fired.  The 71-year-old was hit in the stomach.

On Thursday his son Fredrick LaGuardia angrily spoke out about the crime saying  “I’m supposed to talk about how good my father is in order to garner your sympathy but I’m not going to do that because I think the headline 71-year-old man shot and robbed while watering grass should be enough.”

LaGuardia was joined by members of faith, community activists and concerned neighbors to ask anyone with information about the men to come forward.   “We should not fear watering our grass, not fear standing on the bust stop, sitting in our back yards.  Think about it.  This heinous crime could have happened to any of us.  I don’t know the solution.  But I do know this assailants must be deterred from thinking they can take whatever they want,” said community activist, Loisteen Walker.

Fred LaGuardia is expected to leave the hospital soon.




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