7-mile ice jam on Kankakee River threatens flooding

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WILMINGTON, Ill. — There are potential flooding concerns 60 miles southwest of Chicago in Wilmington.

A 7-mile ice jam on the Kankakee River stretches east and west of I-55. The ice is so high that it almost touches the bottom of the I-55 bridge.

With warmer temperatures and rain on the way, officials are concerned that as the ice thaws, homes may flood. Residents are being told they may need to evacuate on short notice.

Members of the Wilmington Police Department went door to door Friday, notifying residents of the flood potential.

“The sheriff’s office knocked on my door and let me know that we are potentially in a flash flood warning and to let us know that we are in danger,” said Wilmington resident Diana White.

Another concern is that as the larger chunks of ice break apart, ice itself could come onto land.

A resident who has lived in Wilmington for 20 years said she saw a huge piece of ice go through a neighbor’s window several years ago.

WATCH: SkyCam9 over the ice jam in Wilmington


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