5-year-old Clareon Williams’ road to recovery continues 6 months after being shot in the head


CHICAGO 5-year-old Clareon Williams was shot in the head inside his house by a stray bullet in November 2020.

Six months later, he’s up walking and talking, and beginning to recover some of his memory. The road to recovery remains long and financially difficult, with Clareon in need of special equipment and other long-term care.

“Clareon is a miracle and prayer works. I appreciate all the prayers. Everyone that was praying for Clareon. Every doctor that put their hands on him,” Clareon’s mother, Gwendolyn Dunmars said.

Gwendolyn Dunmars and Clarence Williams never thought they would see the day where their son could walk and talk again, six months after getting shot in the head.

“He’s starting to remember a couple of things now. Sometimes he don’t want to sit there, he just steady want to move. He never wants to sit down,” Clarence Williams said.

Clareon survived three surgeries, and previously was left without the ability to swallow, walk or talk.

“He’s overcame tremendous obstacles,” anti-violence activist Rabbi Michael Ben-Yosef said.

Clareon’s family is asking for help, with the needs of long-term care and special equipment on a long road to recovery.

“We are here because they have more challenges outside of taking care of Clareon,” Yosef said.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by Clareon’s family to help with the costs of his care.

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