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CHICAGO — There’s been much speculation as to how the Blackhawks will proceed following the sexual assault allegations against Patrick Kane.

Many suspect the team, as one of the most image-conscious franchises in professional sports, may value its reputation over any one person, even their star player. The notion has led many to believe that Kane’s days in Chicago are numbered.

While no one is certain if the Hawks are seriously considering trading away the right-winger, if they choose to, there’s no doubt they’ll have plenty of takers.

According to the Sun-Times, five teams have already contacted the Hawks about a potential trade for Kane, who has had multiple run-ins with the law. The interested clubs were not named.

After his bad behavior in Madison, Wis., back in 2012, Kane was given a final warning to keep himself in check, the Sun-Times reports. Now, the Hawks might have run out of patience.

Kane is about to enter the first year of his eight-year $84 million contract. Meanwhile, the police investigation continues.