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Authorities want to know what was going on at a south suburban animal hospital where four dogs were found dead and several others sick and emaciated.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Department is handling the investigation but this morning officers with Dolton code enforcement swarmed the Dolton Animal Hospital in the 15000 block of Lincoln Avenue to continue their part of the investigation.

Meanwhile, current and former clients have been showing up, sharing horror stories.

“I called everybody and nobody paid me any attention,” former client Tina Robinson said this morning.

Robinson claims her 12-year-old Rottweiler, Duke, died at the hands of the people at the Dolton Animal Hospital two months ago. She says she boarded him, along with her two other dogs, back in July while she went out of town.

Robinson says the woman who owns the clinic avoided her when she returned from vacation. “She said that she wasn’t feeling well,” Robinson told reporters. “We came back the next day and she didn’t answer. The third day when we came back to get the dog on Monday, she told me my dog had a heart attack. And I just can’t believe — the dog was in good shape.”

She now wonders if Duke is among the four dead dogs found yesterday when a Dolton police officer stopped by to drop off a stray dog, as contracted by the city.

Ten other animals — nine dogs and a cat — were also found severely malnourished, with no food or water.

“There was a fair amount of neglect going on in this facility,” Deputy Chief Michael Anton of the Cook County Sheriff’s Department said. “There’s no doubt of that.”

Veterinarian Dr. Amerdeep Sangha was at the clinic today. He said he had not heard anything from the Sheriff’s Department about the investigation.

As for the animals that were found, Dr. Sangha told WGN, “We try to do the best we can. And sometimes some of those stray pets that police bring are in real bad shape already.” He had no other comment.

Sheriff’s deputies interviewed a female employee last night but no charges have been filed yet. The investigation is ongoing.