4 charged in Harvey triple homicide

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A case that was two-and-a-half years old has finally been solved.

Four men have been charged in a triple homicide that happened in south suburban Harvey in 2012. They are accused of killing a mother, a 8-year-old girl and a teenage boy.

Donesha Weather, 28, was shot to death on October 24, 2010 when police say men armed with assault rifles stormed her Harvey apartment in the 300 block of East 151st Place. They killed her, her 8-year-old daughter Clarisma and chased her 4-year-old son Nate around the house before shooting him multiple times under his bedsheet.

The boy survived, but was taken away by his father and hasn’t been seen since. Donesha’s 16-year-old stepson was also shot and killed shot while taking a shower.  The cold-hearted nature of the murders stings even today and is what drove detectives to stay on the case.

“I call it a cowardly act,” said Donesha’s father Dyland Weather.

“From day one this was a crime that hit my heart,” said Harvey Police Det. Gregory Thomas. “It was something truly bigger than me.”

This case took years to solve, and investigators didn’t do it alone. They claim the “no snitch policy” running rampant on the streets today did not apply here. Tips from citizens made the difference in charging Darryl Lloyd, 29; Faheem Norwood, 25; Dejuan Crockett, 23; and Brandon Griffin, 29.

All have been denied bond. All are charged with murder and attempted murder.

Today, the healing begins as closure to the heinous triple murder appears tangible at last.

“I feel if I pray for them and ask God to soften their heart, it gets me through these trying times,” Dyland Weather said.

Police and victims pausing outside an old crime scene, acknowledging some success solving three murders they all wished had never taken place.

“It’s bittersweet,” said Harvey Mayor Eric Kellogg.


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