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CHICAGO — Friday marks three years since Laquan McDonald was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer.

At a rally for remembering Laquan at Chicago Police Headquarters Thursday night, community activists said not enough has changed.

“We are not in front of a police station. We are in front of a hunting lodge. We must continue to cry justice for Laquan because he can no longer speak,” said community activist Eric Russell.

Inside, the police board held its monthly meeting.

“Progress has to be made on a number of different fronts, and that will be the way in which we take advantage of the opportunities, frankly, that this moment presents to us, will be part of the legacy that we leave for him and his family,” said Chicago Police Board President Lori Lightfoot.

The 17-year-old McDonald was shot 16 times in October 2014. Police officer Jason Van Dyke was not charged with murder until more than a year later after a judge ordered the release of dashcam video.

Outrage over the city’s handling of the investigation sparked widespread protests and prompted a Department of Justice investigation.

Community activists at Thursday’s rally said they were disappointed and skeptical of efforts to reform the department.

“The Chicago Police Department is not fixed. We want — we demand — a conviction of Jason Van Dyke. We want the officers who falsified the police reports to be convicted. All the other ones who haven’t been indicted, we want them charged,” said community activist William Calloway.

On Friday, discussions on policing will continue with a town hall meeting at Progressive Baptist Church.