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MAYWOOD, Ill. — Maywood police are investigating after three students were hospitalized for ingesting an unknown substance on school grounds.

The family of one of the students who was taken to hospital told WGN that the children unwittingly consumed what they believed to have been cocaine.

The family said a fellow student at Garfield Elementary, at 1514 South 9th Avenue, allegedly bullied others close to the lunch hour trying to force the kids to ingest what the boy described as cocaine.

A grandmother of one of the students said the bully sprinkled cocaine into her grandchild’s lunch without him knowing.

When he came back from eating his lunch, he complained about stomach pain. Ambulances were called.

Three students were transported to Loyola Medical Center.

The grandmother was upset that the school didn’t notify the students’ guardians sooner.  She said the students reported the incident to school faculty at 12:30 p.m., but the school didn’t do anything about it until 3:30 p.m.

The student said he still has a bit of a stomach ache but he appears to be okay.

School officials say all three students appear to be in good condition.

They have not said if they plan to discipline the student who allegedly brought the substance to school.