3 Milwaukee men make road trip to deliver Christmas cards to man with terminal cancer


PRAIRIE DU SAC, Wisc. — A Wisconsin man with a terminal illness had one request — he wanted lots and lots of Christmas cards this year, and three men from Milwaukee helped make that happen.

Gene Weittenhiller has cancer, and knows he doesn’t have much time left. He said one of his last wishes is to receive as many Christmas cards as possible. He said Christmas is one of the most important holidays of the year and he and his family celebrate it together.

“My youngest granddaughter who is three years old doesn’t grasp that Grandpa W is sick and he isn’t able to get on the floor and roll around with me anymore. That’s very difficult for me to accept,” he said.

His wife, Linda Weittenhiller, said they are each others’ best friends and travel buddies.

“…we do everything together,” she said. “That’s why I’m going to miss him so much.”

So Weittenhiller put his wish out on social media. And one day, Marqwain Givhan heard about it. He said one day he woke up on the “wrong side of the bed” and dealing with a few issues of his own when he came across Weittenhiller’s story. That’s when he called two of his friends — Markeith Poweel and Earl Minley.

The three put together their money for gas and got into their car to hand deliver Christmas cards to Weittenhiller.

“We told him, ‘We saw your post on social media,’ and he’s like, ‘Seriously? I’m like, ‘Yeah, we didn’t have nothing to do today and we just decided to come up here today to make you smile,'” Minley said. “The smile on their face, it’s like they knew us already.”

The Weittenhillers and the three friends hugged and prayed and cried together.

“He read the cards and he didn’t even get done with his card before he started crying,” Minley said.

“It’s like all of us are fighting our own battles and to see the expression on his face, to see the tears come down his face, you know, it really did something to all of us,” Givhan said.

The three left Weittenhiller with words of encouragement, while receiving a lesson in return.

“It make us realize how precious life is,” Givhan said. “The stuff we are going through ain’t nothing,” Givhan said.

If you’d like to send Gene Weittenhiller a Christmas card you can mail it to:

Gene Weittenhiller
410 20th Street
Prairie Du Sac, WI 53578

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