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CHICAGO — At 12:30 a.m. Sunday, Chicago police say that a blue Toyota sedan headed west on Huron ran a red light at Orleans. It then crashed into an Uber car moving northbound.

“It looked pretty serious to me, because the whole car here was crushed to the front of its windshield,” said a witness, Howard, who did not want to provide his last name.

The crash propelled the Uber car into the Green Door Tavern, a historic building at 678 N. Orleans and one of the few remaining wooden frame structures in the central business district prior to the Chicago Fire Ordinance.

“The gray car right here, the front end was totally gone. The other car was right up against here with all the airbags out,” Howard said.

The Uber driver was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, as were a man and woman pinned on the sidewalk. Their injuries are not life-threatening.

Waitress Laura Harrison says this isn’t the first such incident here, and she’s hoping that police find the driver responsible. The driver and three passengers were able to run away from the crash.

“There’s something about this intersection, I don’t know what it is,” said waitress Laura Harrison. “It happened recently, too, where something happened and a P.I. was in here asking questions.”

Cars through the tavern have become the source of Chicago tavern history, and one is responsible for a myth as to the Green Door’s famous floor. It has been askew since shortly after the establishment’s opening in 1921.

“It was back in the early 1900s that a car went through here into the building. The floors are slanted because of an accident that happened inside here,” said patron Mark Rosenberg.