3 flights set to depart Brussels Airport on Sunday

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BRUSSELS — The first flights in nearly two weeks are expected to take off from the Brussels airport tomorrow, under tightened security.

Three Brussels Airlines departures are scheduled in what the airport CEO calls “a sign of hope” after “the darkest days in the history of aviation in Belgium.”

On Monday, CEO Arnaud Feist says the airport should be back at around 20 percent of capacity and able to process 800 passengers an hour. He says he hopes full passenger service will be restored by the end of June or beginning of July, in time for the summer vacation season.

Belgium’s biggest airport has been closed since the March 22 suicide bombings that killed 16 victims at the airport and another 16 in the Brussels subway.

A Belgian Federal Police spokesman says new security measures will be in effect when passenger service resumes. They will include spot checks of vehicles arriving at the airport, and new controls on people and baggage before they are allowed to enter the airport terminal.

The police spokesman says both people and baggage will be scanned before they can go into the building. He also says travelers’ IDs and travel documents will also be checked to make sure they match.


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