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A crash killed two women from one Montgomery, IL family and badly injured five of their relatives.

All of them were returning from a family party late Sunday night when their mini van collided with another car.

Three white crosses stand next to Broadway Avenue in Aurora marking the place where three lives were lost in a horrific crash around midnight Monday.

77-year-old Andrea Moyotl and her 57-year-old sister Rosa died, as well as a 28-year-old man driving the other on-coming vehicle.

Witnesses at the scene say the middle of the night crash was a shock to the neighborhood– no problems with that turn in the past and the smoke last night was thick.

Sgt. Kevin Convey, Aurora Police Department said “It appears it was a head on collision in which the occupant -the driver, 28-year-old male, crossed into an oncoming lane of traffic and collided with the van.”

Erik Nocelotl lost his great grandmother and great aunt. His 17-year-old step sister was behind the wheel of the minivan. She talked to him today.

“It looked like he was swerving and at a very high rate of speed. Before impact, she told me she didn’t know what to do. She closed her eyes and it just happened,” he said.

Two people died at the scene, the other was pronounced dead later at a hospital.

The damage was so extensive survivors were being extricated by emergency personnel.

In the back seat– three brothers between the ages of seven and 12, their dad was in the car, too. One is at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, the other at Rush-Copley in Aurora. The other, we’re told, is recovering at home.

One witness, Dania Mercado, said “I saw them trying to open the door, you heard machines trying to cut them. They were like: cut the power.”

On Monday afternoon, with tears in their eyes, family members came to the place where their loved ones died. Nothing but debris scattered throughout the grassy area along the side of the road. Signs and speed limits properly displayed.

Now three crosses dress the roadside, too.  A horrible reminder of a night they’d rather forget.

The name of driver is not being revealed.  The cause of accident is being investigated and officials are not ruling out drugs or alcohol.