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CHICAGO — Six female lifeguards are accusing three male lifeguards at the Chicago Park District of sexual harassment and assault.

The accusations are in a report by the park district’s inspector general — first reported by WBEZ. The report hints at a cover-up of the allegations. Some of the accusations are up to three years old and include one attempted rape.

None of the three males lifeguards accused still work for the park district. Two resigned during the investigation to avoid being terminated and the third resigned this year.

Among the allegations include a senior lifeguard forcing a female lifeguard to perform oral sex on him.

The report also states another lifeguard molested two co-workers, one at the Jefferson Park pool in 2018 and another at the Portage Park pool in 2016.

A third incident allegedly occurred at Welles Park in 2018 and 2019. One woman told investigators that a lifeguard innapropriately commented on her body in front of children who were at the pool. Another woman claimed that the same lifeguard made a comment about female lifeguards “wrestling in their swimsuits” because it would be “sexy.” A third woman said the lifeguard threatened to revoke her time off request when she told him to stop making lewd comments.

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The investigation revealed that the lifeguard accused at Welles Park was fired and placed on a do not hire list after making inappropriate and uncomfortable advances toward two high school students.

The inspector general is asking for more funding to fully investigate the charges.