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CHICAGO — A second woman has filed a lawsuit after claiming she was sexually assaulted after going to a bar in River North. Another woman filed suit last week, and her attorneys released surveillance video, showing bouncers from El Hefe, 15 W. Hubbard St.,  taking a woman and a man out of the bar through the alley. They said workers stood and laughed as the woman was attacked. Watch the surveillance video below.
The woman was later found unresponsive behind a dumpster, and her lawyers said she was drugged. The woman has only been identified as a 22-year-old Jane Doe. On Monday, 32-year-old Liz Capra described what happened to her on Oct.12, 2014. She says she went to El Hefe with friends to watch the Bears game, but the night took a turn when after she had her one and only drink at the bar. She said the bartender served her a drink that affected her almost immediately. “My two girlfriends who were with me at the time told me I started acting extremely out of the ordinary and extremely intoxicated very fast,” Capra said. “They went to the bathroom and asked me to come with but I refused… and when they came back I was gone.” Capra says she doesn’t remember anything at the bar. She says an examination at the hospital confirmed she was drugged and raped. Her credit cards and phone were also stolen. No one was arrested. Capra said she’s speaking out now after seeing the video of the woman attacked in October. She said this was not an isolated incident, and she hopes other victims come forward. Lissa Druss a spokesperson for El Hefe, said allegations like this are disturbing. “Ownership group of El Hefe are working very closely with the police department and the City of Chicago to dig and find every fact that we can to determine what happened,” she said. In the first case, El Hefe claimed the security team did not witness the attack on the 22-year-old woman.

El Hefe Lawsuit, ELIZABETH CAPRA v. EL HEFE by WGN Web Desk on Scribd

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