2,700 tickets issued in first month of speed cameras

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Chicago’s speed cameras have issued 2,722 tickets in their first month of doing so.

Ticket fines are either $35, for speeders going 6 to 10 mph over the limit, or $100 for speeders going at least 11mph over the limit.

That adds up to $245,160 for the city, according to the Sun-Times.

About 90-percent of violators only got caught speeding once.

There was an average of 211 speed violations per day during the first week.

That number came down to 175 per day during the third week.

The cameras also gave 24,000 warnings.

Warnings are issued during each camera’s first month in service.

They start giving tickets after that.

The tickets and warnings were issued around four parks in the city.

The mayor’s office expects the speed camera system to bring in over $70 million in 2014.

Current rules allow up to 300 cameras to be installed within an eighth of a mile of parks and schools.

Analysis by the Chicago Tribune found that covers nearly half the city.


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