2 teens charged after attempted carjacking of Uber driver

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CHICAGO — These two teens are now facing a number of charges, including attempted first degree murder, after an attempted carjacking of an Uber driver.

Alexander Lira has only driven for Uber for five days, but isn’t sure if he’ll continue to do so after what he said was a terrifying encounter early Monday morning.

Around 12:10 a.m. Monday, Lira had just dropped off his last passenger for the night when he saw a car with front end damage in the 600 block of North Milwaukee Avenue. Wondering if the people in that damaged car needed help, he quickly realized he was in trouble.

He said a gunman came out of the passenger side of the card, came around and fired a shot at him through Lira’s driver’s side window.

“The bullet trajectory of it went through the window and into the carpet behind the center console,” Lira said. “The second bullet went through the rear passenger and got lodged in between the right passenger doors.”

Chicago police arrested two 17-year-old males who were charged and appeared in court Tuesday.

The two teens were in a stolen vehicle and were both charged with attempted first degree murder, attempted aggravated vehicular hijacking, aggravated discharge, two counts of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and unlawful possession of firearm.

Lira said it was chilling that it was cited that the shooter had a high capacity magazine, metal piercing bullets, as well as a laser sight, and firearm silencer.

“If you pull a trigger, the intention is to kill somebody,” Lira said. “If you didn’t want to kill them, there would be blanks in there and no bullets at all. But to pull the trigger with bullets, the intent is to kill.”

Lira also contacted Uber asking for security changes for new drivers — one being an option to see the end destination before picking up a passenger — a feature he says is only available to premium members.

He also wants there to be a feature that will allow drivers to put in their address and only give them jobs going toward that destination.

“…but it will only let me do that twice in a 10 hour period,” Lira said. “Had I been able to take advantage of those utilities this could have not happened.”

Lira said he does understand something like this could happen anywhere.

WGN reached out to Uber, who said since Lira was technically off line when the incident occurred, they had no comment.

The teens are due in court on Dec. 10.


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