Ex-aides plead guilty to taunting elderly woman, posting video

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CHICAGO — Two nursing home aides pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges Monday after they allegedly taunted a 91-year-old patient and posted video of it to social media.

A Snapchat video given to authorities shows two individuals tossing a hospital gown on an elderly woman as she tries to waive it away.

The family found out about the video in December, and they are now suing the nursing home. Joan Biebel is the daughter of Margaret Collins, the elderly dementia patient in the video.

“To post it on Snapchat, saying ‘Margaret hates hospital gowns’ with two laughing emojis, I mean how sick is that,” Biebel said.

She was quick to get the police involved after the incident took place at The Abington of Glenview Nursing Home back in December.

“We were totally first aghast and then almost panicked like what do we do now how do we keep her safe?” Biebel  said.

Bryan Cortez and Jamie Montesa were fired and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. The two pleaded guilty Monday, and received court supervision as well as community service.

The victim`s family says it`s a slap on the wrist.

“I will work with whatever agency is out there for people down the road to have more penalties for these kinds of abuse,” Biebel  said.

Meanwhile, Margaret was moved to another nursing home. Her daughter says it`s been a difficult transition, but she`s in a safe place. And her family never wants to see something like this happen again.

“My hope is that for other people who have family members in these facilities that they are very vigilant in knowing that this has happened and to do everything to prevent it,” Biebel  said.

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